What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research Is The Process Of Finding And Analyzing Words And Queries Searchers Use On Search Engines To Find An Answer To Their Concern Or Question.

The world has changed dramatically as a result of the influence of Covid -19. Because they are restricted to their homes, more individuals are able to access internet services. As a result, the scope of digital marketing training throughout the world has expanded.

It’s one of the first steps in the SEO Process as it lets the marketer uncover and explore your keyword space to know what topics or pages can be created or strategically added to your content for a better search engine results page (SERP) position and performance on your website.

1. To help identify your keyword space: As mentioned above, keyword research is important as it lets the specialist in your website’s keyword space identify the range of topics and pages your website can create to rank better on SERP.

2. To determine what keywords you should prioritize: Keywords have metrics like Search Volume, CPC, and Traffic Potential (which we’ll talk more about later) that can help you prioritize the search terms you’re aiming to rank on your website. Using high-volume keywords just won’t cut it anymore. First, does the keyword have volume? Next, is the keyword even relevant to your brand? There are so many considerations that doing your research first saves you a lot of time on ideation and optimization in the long run.

3. To easily map out focus keywords to a specific page. When you have a comprehensive keyword research file, you can easily map your current and future pages using the keywords listed. No need to worry about keyword cannibalization or having multiple focus keywords on a page, the file will help you build a hierarchy of relevant and essential information needed for your brand and business to satisfy searcher’s queries and their intent.

4. To let you in on what your audience wants to know. Other than helping you with your strategy or optimizations, knowing your keyword space is the biggest hint you can possibly have to get into the psyche of your target audience. Forget what YOU think your audience wants to know. Conducting keyword research lets you in on vital information that can tell you what people are searching for— a truth serum if you will, on how people act and behave on Search.

Key Takeaways

No matter how tedious the process of keyword research might be, its impact is beneficial to the success of your business. Here are some key takeaways from this article:

1. Always start your SEO Strategy with keyword research. It informs you of your keyword space and your customer’s search behavior and needs.

2. Keyword research ensures the right people find your website for the right purpose. It will help if your website can satisfy the needs of your potential customers.

Tips: Paid tools or not, you can easily check on Google to see what keywords your competitors are optimizing for. Just plug in the name of their shop and go through their website to find out what terms they frequently use (example: “top bike shop in manila” or “cheap bike shop in manila”). You can also plug in the keyword you want to rank for and see what you’re up against.
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